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Education in Helsinki Diakonia College

Helsinki Deaconess Institute has been training nurses since its founding 1867. Today, Helsinki Diakonia College provides thorough, tailored training. Students study for vocations and are trained in interaction, cross-cultural comminication, interchange between generations and tolerance.

Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care

Those qualified are practical nurses. The qualification makes them competent for basic care, nursing and upbringing purposes. Independent of their study programs, the training gives all practical nurses the basic facilities to support, instruct, take care of, and rehabilitate people of different ages and backgrounds in various situations in life.

Further Qualification in Substance Abuse Welfare Work

Those qualified work in various tasks in social and health care or in other tasks requiring know-how in substance abuse welfare work.

Specialist Qualification for Special Needs Assistants in Educational Institutions

Those qualified participate in the education and care of people of different ages and cultural backgrounds in units of education, teaching and leisure time.

Vocational Qualification in Household and Consumer Services

Those qualified are household service entrepreneurs, who are specialized in domestic catering, cleaning and clothing supply services, as well as other housework services. A household service entrepreneur knows how to price, marketize, and implement housework services and push their services actively. They can orient themselves towards home-like institutions or housework service enterprises. The qualification can be accomplished in the form of youth or adult education or as special education. The education is in Finnish.

Multicultural School of Household Management

The school of household management is intended for immigrant students, who would like to obtain basic skills for running their own households in everyday life. In training, the students increase their own know-how of Finnish society, healthy food, Finnish and other cuisines, cleaning, attending to textiles and making basic handicraft. Education also adds to the students' facilities to study. The teaching is in Finnish.

Preparatory Training for Immigrants Basic Vocational Education

The preparatory training is intended for those immigrants in particular, who plan to study in vocational schools. In the training, the students increase their facilities to study, gain experience and information concerning various occupations and training courses, and are exposed to Finnish working life. The teaching is in Finnish and the proficiency level 2 of the general language examination is required for entrance.

Initial, rehabilitating and instructing education

Education is aimed at those rehabilitating from mental disturbances, people with a mental disability, those preparing for apprenticeship training, those recovering from a drug dependency and immigrants.

Further training

The Diakonia College in Helsinki is an educational institute that works on a social-ethical basis, offering versatile further vocational education in the social, health and diaconal fields. We also organize training and consultation for workplace communities and enterprises, taking into account individual needs, and offer counseling to individuals and groups.

International affairs

The international affairs of the Diakonia College are diversified, focusing on setting up longer-term development projects, establishing student and teacher exchange for trainee exchange programs and making teaching in foreign languages available to all students.


The Diakonia College and the Helsinki unit of the Diaconia Polytechnic have a common library, its facilities, collections, computers and personnel being available for the students and the personnel of both schools. The library is also part of the common network library of the Diaconia Polytechnic.

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